Thursday, November 19, 2009

Artist Statement:

David Prusko creates idea based art that questions the art “object” and protects the “idea” from unauthorized reproduction, while securing the legal transferal to execute by use of copyright law with the assurance of intellectual property right ownership.

Diagramming the instructions on discarded paper, Prusko distinctly communicates his ideas using simple, everyday materials in his three dimensional work and appropriates and/or uses simplified graphics in his computerized, time-based media projects. By eliminating the artists “hand” and stressing the idea, the emphasis is centered on communicating the concept — the unifying theme tying his work together. The goal of the artist is to inspire the original creative “spark” of the artist in the mind’s of his audience. Having experienced and digested the concept of the artwork the physical piece has fulfilled on its’ intent and the viewer, being “touched, moved and inspired” by the piece, can easily bring it and the experience to mind — contemplating its meaning at anytime and anywhere.

It is the artist’s intent that the communication of the “idea” and the “experience” be viewed as the “art” and the diagramed concepts be realized as appropriate. Thus creating artwork that never deteriorates or is lost to destruction and may be expressed with future executions and interpretations — artwork that lives beyond the lifespan of the artist.

Prusko curates and organizes art shows, some of which are guerilla-style, “art in unexpected places” that have included the “beach” in Miami, the “New Gallery area” at Art Basil Miami Beach and the “streets” of New York City. Two of his pieces are in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress inspired by the tragedy of 9/11.

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