Wednesday, February 17, 2010

David Prusko: Floating House, 2002

“Floating House” is a work of art first exhibited during Art Basel Miami Beach, 2002 and made of wood, styrofoam, plasti-sculpt and metal and “floated” off the beach in Miami. A metaphor for family relationships and the changes that occur: sometimes beautiful and serene or prone to storm and waves — dreary, combative or picture perfect — taking on all the forces of nature that impact this miniature house.

An important response that came out of the public showing from the spectators, many of which immigrated to the United States from Haiti, Cuba and the Caribbean — was their family coming here, the actual act of sailing from their homes abroad to the States.

The house also holds other meanings — especially when contemplated with the vastness of the ocean in which it was initially presented.

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