Wednesday, February 17, 2010

David Prusko: Kept Secrets, 2003–

“Kept Secrets” is an audience participatory performance, sculpture and installation that has been on going and in affect since 2003. People are asked to participate by taking a standard brick that I have drilled a hole into one end and a piece of paper to write down a secret that they do not tell me. Inserting the secret into the brick they seal the opening with cement and give it back to me. From this I am creating an ever growing “Wall of Secrets.”

The piece is intended to continue on past the lifetime of the artist and, the “artist” is not required.

As the piece grows in size there are other executions intended but its first and foremost intention is that of a wall.

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  1. Dave, This is Ivy, Jim McQuade's sister. If you could please call me at 518 368-3603, when you can.